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  Remove Attachments for Outlook

This free tool automatically deletes and removes Outlook attachments from messages, contacts, calendars, meetings, tasks, notes, journal entries and other Outlook items by file mask.

Key utility benefits:

– Removes attachments from any Outlook items in all selected folders, including subfolders.
– Deletes embedded (attached) messages, contacts, appointments and meetings, tasks, notes and other Outlook items.
– Can remove hidden attachments.
– Provides filtering by item types, names, extensions and sizes of attachments, and by message dates.
Works with Outlook search folders, allowing you to filter messages even more flexibly.
– Able to run directly from Outlook, removing attachments from the selected messages at once.
– Integrates with Outlook rules, automatically removing attachments from incoming messages.
– Contains a separate application for deleting attachments without having to start Outlook.
– Allows the application to remove attachments from the command line.

When intensively working with email, messages with attachments accumulate in the “Sent Items” and other Outlook folders. In addition, appointments and meetings, contacts, tasks and other Outlook items can also contain various attachments.
To delete unnecessary attachment files, select the Outlook folders, specify the required settings, and start the removal process. Here, you can delete attachments of any types from any Outlook items; even blocked and hidden attachments.
Using the command line in your batch files and scripts allows you to remove attachments from PST files, different Outlook and Exchange Server mailboxes, and delete attachments by schedule.

License: Freeware
Price: 0
Version: 4.9
Support OS: Windows 7, WinServer, WinXP, Windows 8, Windows 10