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  IdemFilesFinder – Duplicate file finder software

IdemFilesFinder is a software for Windows that allows to find duplicate files. It is a system optimization tool, easy to use and free.

It has a quick search algorithm to find duplicates of any type of file. Before you activate the search process, you can freely choose the file extension (comma-delimited list) in mp3, jpg, mov, pdf, doc, xls …

After you get results, you can select the duplicate files you want to delete. In addition, the program can export the list to CSV or XML format.

IdemFilesFinder searches for real duplicate files, based on the MD5 method, regardless of the file name (byte-to-byte comparison), which ensures 100% accuracy. Thus, even if they have been renamed, only the real duplicates will be displayed in the result windows.

The program works very fast. You can easily delete duplicate files by selecting the desired option in the results window. To recover valuable disk space, IdemFilesFinder can automatically select which duplicate files to delete, or you can select them manually. A confirmation message is displayed before deletion for security reasons.

During the search process, it displays the remaining time, which is updated in real time. This is useful for large disk searches.

The program does not require installation and works with different versions of Windows (WIN XP and above).

As suggested by SoftPedia, IdemFilesFinder can now (since version 3.5) compare several directories at a time. So you can compare as many directories as you want. Simply drag and drop them in the window.

License: Freeware
Price: 0
Version: 3.5
Support OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server,Windows Other, Windows Vista