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  Free XML Editor

XML is a markup language used widely by developers across the world. It consists of codes and in order to ensure that there are no errors in such files, the Free XML Editor should be considered. It is a tool that parses such documents as and when they are being created. When developers are in the process of writing the codes, the tool does its work of identifying any mistakes so that they can be rectified at the same point in time. This saves a lot of effort as users do not have to use any other tools after the files have been created. It comes with a number of other features which makes it ideal for anyone. The first one is that it is absolutely free of cost. It is a light weight tool that does not eat up the disk space. The absence of any malware or adware ensures that the security of the device is not hampered in any way. The Free XML Editor comes with a straight forward interface. All the functions are available in the main menu itself and users do not have to search for the same. Once it is downloaded and installed onto a PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS, it is good to go. Users can upload their XML files onto the software and start editing the same. Be it the values, elements, codes, etc, everything is available to be edited. It is a standalone app that does not require the user to install any additional apps. Some of the other functions available to users include syntax coloring, accessing the XML path, using the search option for identifying specific portions of the file, etc. The Free XML Editor even allows users to convert XML codes into other programming languages.

License: Freeware
Price: 0
Version: 1.0
Support OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8