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Ulysses for Windows Ulysses for Windows

The Ultimate Writing App for Windows. A distraction-free writing experience with effective document management, flexible export, markdown support and automated backup make Ulysses the best choice for writers of all kinds. From simple letters, notes and blog posts, to bigger projects like novels and books – Ulysses gives you a uniquely streamlined toolset, covering every… Read more »

My Wiki Editor My Wiki Editor

My Wiki Editor by using the editor, you don’t need to worry about wiki markup syntax, what you need to do is just edit your wiki article like using notepad or office word software produce by upRedSun. Then click “generate wiki code” button, all you get is automatically wiki markup syntax formatted article. Then just… Read more »

Cogitum Co-Citer Cogitum Co-Citer

Cogitum Co-Citer is a tool for creating and managing collections of texts from the Internet. It captures the selected text, Internet address where it has been found, its title, and the date of grabbing. A user can assign any comments and save it in a newly created or in an existing Co-Citer folder. Co-Citer provides… Read more »

Telsys WordConvs Free Telsys WordConvs Free

Telsys WordConvs Free has the conversion program allow batch conversion of documents using the converters included in Microsoft Word 97 or higher or an external program of your choice. Both the input and output format are selectable The use of WordConvs with an external converter program can be useful when the conversion program has not… Read more »

Chequers Clipboard Express Chequers Clipboard Express

Performance Clipboard Management Product. Saves Time. Multiple storage clipboard utility to copy and paste regular used items. Enter text by clicking a paste button. Copy the contents by clicking or dragging a copy button. Drag the data to other applications and on-line forms (minimise re-typing) Includes 2 scrollable storage spaces on each store. Fantasically easy… Read more »

Carl CLR Tabs To Spaces Carl CLR Tabs To Spaces

Convert tab characters to space characters in text files and on the clipboard. The tab locations are equally spaced and can be customized. Some of the many uses for CLR Tabs To Spaces: * Convert a text file containing a tab delimited table for import into a graphics design or CAD program. * Convert a… Read more »

Greenview VEDIT Greenview VEDIT

VEDIT edits any text, data, binary file in ASCII, Hex or EBCDIC; even 100+ Gigabyte files. Ideal for database and mainframe editing, program development. Fast, compact and configurable. Windows, DOS, Linux VEDIT is Ideal for All Editing: * Perfect for programming * Fast, easy editing of any Windows, DOS, UNIX or Mac text files *… Read more »

ZhelobkovSoft RichEditor ZhelobkovSoft RichEditor

Rich Editor is a simple text editor that allows you to create, edit and print .rtf and .txt documents. It contains all basic edit functions so you can use it in everyday work with documents. The program is free so you may use and distribute it as long as you don’t change it in any… Read more »

typing acceleration program – Foretype typing acceleration program – Foretype

If people can finish your sentences – now your computer can do the same. Foretype makes the fine art of prediction work for you. As you type, Foretype will predict the word you are most likely to be typing and offer a shortcut to the next letters. A lot of people spend their time entering… Read more »

EmEditor Professional EmEditor Professional

EmEditor Professional, a lightweight text editor for Windows, supports Unicode, large files, scriptable macros, plug-ins, syntax highlighting, powerful tab features, drag-and-drop, and much more. Streamlined for efficiency. Compatible with Windows 8.

BitEdit9 BitEdit9

The BitEdit9 Hex Editor by ISA999 Software is a complete hexadecimal tool for Microsoft Windows. With BitEdit9 you can edit, copy, paste and fill binary, decimal, octal and hexadecimal data. Data editing is quick and easy with extensive features that allow you to jump to a file or sector location, find and replace data you… Read more »

Free CSS Toolbox Free CSS Toolbox

Free CSS Toolbox is a free productivity software for web developers who work with CSS code. Free CSS Toolbox includes a number of tools for fast-tracking and enhancing the development of style sheet code, such as an advanced CSS Formatter and CSS Validator. If you develop websites that use CSS, the Free CSS Toolbox can… Read more »

Free Clipboard Manager Free Clipboard Manager

The clipboard is one of the most popular places to store information, data, images, etc, in order to refer at a later stage. In order to manage all of these effectively, users should consider the Free Clipboard Manager. It is software that is very easy to use and can be comprehended by anyone who has basic computer knowledge. There is no need for any expertise and hence, it is ideal for anyone.

TextMage TextMage

TextMage is a batch processing solution for the flexible processing of multiple text files at once. The program includes numerous functions, such as Search and Replace, insert, swap, move or remove text. Furthermore, you can remove or insert line breaks, change the encoding of text files using the integrated text converter and more.

NotePro NotePro

If you need to create or edit text files but don’t need the complexity of expensive word-processors, check out NotePro. It is easy-to-use, and provides plenty of features. In a fairly small package it incorporates nearly all of the most-used features of a word-processor without having to learn how to use one; in fact, if you use a word-processor frequently, you might find yourself using NotePro instead for many documents.

Find and Replace It For Mac Find and Replace It For Mac

Find & Replace It! is a powerful search and replace utility. It allows performing very complex batch-replacement inside text files of any size. It supports regular expression syntax and dozens of encodings. It has scripting capabilities which allow transforming on the fly the replacement text for every found string. It even handles batch processing of… Read more »

WildGem WildGem

Find and replace text easily with WildGem. It combines the power of Regex, but the simplicity of the standard search/replace in your text editor or word processor. Unlike similar programs, WildGem is fast with a dual split display, and updates or highlights matches as you type in realtime. Features include: Search and replace text easily… Read more »

Foxit PhantomPDF Business Foxit PhantomPDF Business

Expands upon PhantomPDF Standard by offering Shared Review initiation, advanced editing, security, and file compression capabilities, providing a complete Business Ready PDF solution.

Nevron Writer Nevron Writer

Nevron Writer is a Text Processor, which serves as replacement of the Microsoft Word text editor in the most popular desktop operating systems used nowadays – Windows and Mac. A Free Web Writer is also available to all Windows and Mac users, so that you can enjoy great text processing anywhere you are. Nevron Writer… Read more »

English to Gujarati Character Converter English to Gujarati Character Converter

E2G is very powerful software which is used to convert English Characters into Gujarati. At times, it?s a necessity to prepare a document in other languages other than English which becomes tough because your computer might not support other languages. So we at Multiicon recognized this limitation and have developed the E2G character converter software,… Read more »