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Liberty BASIC for Windows Liberty BASIC for Windows

Liberty BASIC is an ideal personal Windows programming tool.  Great for light programming or for learning to program (tutorial included).  Create your own utilities, games, business apps and more.  Large online community.  Special classroom pricing!  A 2002 Isidor Shareware Awards finalist!  Nominated twice by PC Magazine for shareware of the year! Used by McGraw-Hill as… Read more »

PhpStorm PhpStorm

PhpStorm is perfect for working with Symfony, Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, Laravel, Magento, Joomla!, CakePHP, Yii, and other frameworks. The editor actually ‘gets’ your code and deeply understands its structure, supporting all PHP language features for modern and legacy projects. It provides the best code completion, refactorings, on-the-fly error prevention, and more. Make the most… Read more »

Simply Fortran Simply Fortran

Simply Fortran is a complete Fortran solution for Microsoft Windows. Designed from the beginning for interoperability with GNU Fortran, Simply Fortran delivers a reliable Fortran compiler on Windows platforms with all the necessary productivity tools that professionals expect. The Simply Fortran package includes a configured GNU Fortran compiler installation, an integrated development environment, and a graphical debugger.

RadBuilder for Android RadBuilder for Android

Create your own apps for your presentations, documents, product introduction, advertisements and database management without writing any code. It requires no programming knowledge.

Batch Compiler Batch Compiler

Convert bat to exe with Batch Compiler. It has a debugger and Advance Commands. Powerful compiler let you to create stable stand also executables including your company name, version info and resources!

NeoBook Rapid Application Builder NeoBook Rapid Application Builder

NeoBook is a professional app builder and authoring system for creating a wide variety of utilities, interactive presentations, catalogs, kiosks, educational/training materials, CD interfaces, database front ends, slide shows, calculators, sales/promotional materials, custom apps, and more. NeoBook’s intuitive drag and drop interface makes it easy for anyone to combine text, pictures, sound, video, Flash animation,… Read more »

Awave Streaming C++ Audio Converter library Awave Streaming C++ Audio Converter library

The Awave streaming C++ audio library, or AwC++ for short, is a C++ software development kit that provides facilities for converting between different audio file formats. It supports a customizable and easily extendable set of file formats.

Just BASIC – Windows programming and tutorial tool Just BASIC – Windows programming and tutorial tool

Just BASIC is an ideal personal Windows programming tool and tutorial. Great for light programming and teaching or learning programming. Create your own utilities, games, business apps and more. Includes a syntax coloring editor, a debugger, and a customizable GUI editor. Large online community. Produces standalone applications. features of Just BASIC: It’s free, of course!… Read more »

Text to Software Text to Software

Text to Software makes applications automatically from subject matter expert knowledge, data from websites, human sources, documents and databases.

CE Compiler CE Compiler

CE Compiler is a tool to configure and run Google’s Closure Compiler/Stylesheet, HTML Compressor and Yahoo’s YUI Compressor for Javascript and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). It provides a user interface that makes it easy…

UseOffice .Net UseOffice .Net

UseOffice. Net is a reliable component for converting between DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, PPT, CSV, Text and PDF documents with tables, images, fonts, colors. The component is created with C # and helps developers to easily create a ASP.Net server and Windows Forms C # / VB.Net applications. The UseOffice .Net able to… Read more »

BBC BASIC Programming Language for Windows BBC BASIC Programming Language for Windows

This is an implementation of the BBC BASIC programming language for PCs running Microsoft Windows (Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7), providing the programmer with a familiar language but with a modern user interface. It combines the simplicity of BASIC with the sophistication of a structured language, allowing you to write… Read more »

Decompiler of Visual Basic programs Decompiler of Visual Basic programs

VB Decompiler is decompiler for programs (EXE, DLL or OCX) written in Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 and disassembler for programs written on .NET technology. As you know, programs in Visual Basic can be compiled into interpreted p-code or into native code. .NET assembly always compiled to just in time compilable IL code. Since p-code… Read more »

HF ExeScript HF ExeScript

HF ExeScript is a program that converts batch files (.bat), VBS and JS scripts to executable files (.exe) in less than 30 seconds. It also protects the contents of .bat, .vbs and .js files from being altered by other users accidentally or intentionally. In addition, HF ExeScript hides the contents of these files so they… Read more »

TAS Professional 5 Powered by CAS TAS Professional 5 Powered by CAS

If your looking for a faster better way to write professional database systems. We  think you have found it in TAS Professional Powered by CAS.  TAS Professional  is designed to be a complete application development tool for DOS systems.  It provides application building tools for the programmer new to application development, as well as the… Read more »